Walnut Canyon

By: Moromis

Jun 24 2013

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Focal Length:18.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:FinePix XP60

Monday – And a new Adventure! We went down to Walnut Canyon, a National Monument just a bit outside of Flagstaff. Going in, we accidentally went the “scenic route” and did some serious off-roading. Thank goodness it’s a rental car 🙂

Once we arrived there, we proceeded to watch one of the most interesting movies ever (I’m kidding, Dad started dozing off about a fourth of the way through). After that came a hike down a few flights of stairs to see some ancient Indian dwellings. Unfortunately, the main loop around the cliffs that they lived in was closed off, and we were only able to see a minor portion of the whole cliff side. The walk back was a bit tough, going up those flights of stairs, which had mysteriously become double the number they were walking down. It again reminded me that I’m 6000 feet higher than I am at home, and it’s a bit harder to do things that are easy there.

On that same thought, I’ll probably take up running as soon as I start work next week. If I start when I first get there, it should become a habit. I also need to find someone with a guitar or a piano as soon as I get there, as my mind is starting to break a little without a musical output.

Well, that’s it for today, enjoy the pictures of the hike, they express it much better than my words can.

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